Social adaptation of veterans
based on the «Peer to Peer» principle

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Pobratymy – a team that specializes in psychosocial adaptation of veterans. The Ukrainian Public Union Pobratymy was established in 2015 to support veterans returning to civilian life after taking part in combat operations in eastern Ukraine.

For the first time in Ukraine, we have introduced the «peer to peer» support system, which is already widely used around the world. The peer to peer approach allows veterans to support each other in collaboration with specialists. Veterans receive the tools needed to support their brothers and sisters, while working with their own unique experiences. All of the work is done by veterans, and Pobratymy act as their support. The purpose of our activity is to build an international network of mutual support for veterans.

Our Projects

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    Veteran Hub

    A platform for collaboration between civic organizations and NGOs that work in the sphere of veterans affairs

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    Thanks to you

    A national campaign of gratitude to members of the military and veterans, a gesture of honor – cover your heart with your palm

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    Support groups

    A unique format for open regular meetings of people with similar experiences



Iryna Kovalevych

Friends, as many of you know, last year I took part in a training session for veterans wives specializing in work with shock trauma experience. Over the course of four months, we received a lot of information and exercises, and, work was done to reflect my own experience. Thanks to these trainings, I am now able to better understand myself and deal with the everyday troubles around me. Moreover, I now have a circle of people who have a common experience, understand me and support me when I need it.


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    UA: CULTURA December 28, 2018

    About the first in Ukraine training for female veterans "Posestry"

    Recently in Kyiv, the first training session for female veterans in overcoming shock trauma (Yulia Shevchuk and Alina Vyatkina)

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    JOURNALISTDecember 25, 2018

    Training program for female veterans "Posestry" completed in Kyiv

    At the end of the summer, the news team of IA «Journalist» attended a training session of Posestry. As early as December, our publication returned to this project.

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    TELEKANAL KYIVDecember 6, 2018

    The role of women in war has changed significantly over the last 100 years

    Until the 20th century, war was a subject only for men. Women appeared only when the situation turned dire, and mainly acted as sisters of mercy.


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